Sunday Times E-Edition

Your Stars

By Linda Shaw


June 29 1986, Cape Town, 6.10pm

Sun sign: Cancer

Moon sign: Aries Rising sign: Capricorn

If you’re looking to expand your family, here’s your chance. The planets of love, lust, fertility and exploration are at your door. The only snag is that you’ll have to put down those fears and let somebody else take charge. The truth is you’ve been longing for a little nurturing, but you’re so afraid of betrayal you’ve convinced yourself that controlling every outcome is the safest way to go. Not true, especially not now. This year is about expanding your social group; inviting new talent to your team. Personal success depends largely on who you surround yourself with. The next few years will bring big changes. Start now by planning your goals and reminding yourself of your extraordinary power. Your planets are about leadership and success. As long as you can learn to trust yourself — and the universe — you’ll get exactly where you’re going. There’s no rush. Everything happens at exactly the right time. Try to remember that.

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May 22 - Jun 20

Your obedient side is about to clash with your more experimental half, causing a few rumbles in the finances. Merging the two sides of your nature will call for some patience. And while they wait, your planets are wondering how to manage your wealth. For now, cool it with the risks and go with your fabulous instincts. New projects need time to germinate. Besides, it won’t be long before you have trustworthy help.


June 21 - Jul 22

No-one must mess with you this week. You’re looking great and surging with inner electricity. Offers are pouring in, with a possible promotion on the cards. If there’s been no sign yet, keep your eyes peeled for gaps in the market. And as soon as you’re ready ... pounce. Oh, and don’t expect much help on this one. You’re on your own — and twice as successful because of it. You’ll know when it’s time to expand the work force. For now, trust yourself completely.


Jul 23 - Aug 22

Oh happy day. Week. Don’t you dare let a grumpy word pass your lips. The planets are literally beaming down on you, determined to please you in every way. So quick, make a wish list. If you’re vague in your demands, they’ll be even vaguer in their replies. Also, if there’s a surprise change at work, smile and let it be. Money is on its way, and anything new is good. The word for you this week is hot — just so you know.


Aug 23 - Sep 22

You know how you love to check out the shortcuts. And sure, the ability to find them is a gift. But not this time. The power of your ambition is clouding your vision, convincing you that the occasional casualty is an acceptable part of the deal. There’s no need for that. If you’re willing to try the conventional route, you’ll get what you want anyway. And you’ll have made a substantial contribution to your world in the process. Your favourite thing.


Sep 23 - Oct 22

The love life could use a dash of romance. No need to get sulky. Romance is your favourite thing. The only difference is that this time, you’re the one calling the florist. However, while you’re there, it’s eyes front. That forbidden fascination coming in from left field is not for you. Don’t even think about it. Besides, there’s a fabulous new financial deal knocking at the door. Distraction is not an option.


Oct 23 - Nov 21

Feeling alone? Guess what, you’re not the only one. Times of change are often lonely. But they don’t need to be. Call an old friend or make some new ones. And remind yourself that no matter how bad you’re feeling, there are always people who could benefit from your kindness and courage. For yourself, stay alert and intuitive. This is where you find out what you’re really made of. And you’ll astonish yourself.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 - Dec 21

If you’re in the mood for love, you’ll be pleased to know that love’s in the mood for you. So if you’re available, make sure you’re “noticeable”. Not even you can be discovered when you’re lying on the couch. One thing: anyone you unearth now is likely to turn your mother’s hair white. So prepare for disapproving looks. And ask yourself — preferably beforehand — what kind of relationship you’re really looking for. Are you ready to reveal your vulnerable side?

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 19

You’ve been secretly beating up on yourself again, haven’t you? And your feelings of inadequacy are reflecting in the bank balance. You have a pressing need to make it on your own, coupled with a fear that you’re not up to the challenge. It’s time to stare those fears in the face — one at a time — and laugh out loud. Then remind yourself that the planets of abundance have just arrived and they are at your service.

AQUARIUS Jan 20 - Feb 18

It’s the ethics that need attention. And as you know, you’ve never been one to pay attention to such tedious details. If it feels right, do it: that’s your motto. But it won’t work this time. There are other people involved and their motives may not be squeaky clean. Besides, you’re launching in a new spiritual direction — one in which freedom from drama is the major goal. Awareness is key. And contemplation.


Feb 19 - Mar 20

The heavy hand of responsibility is easing you towards maturity. Not a word you’re fond of. But if you want to remain solvent this year, you’re going to have to organise your diary.You still have a couple of weeks to adjust to the new vibes. How about spending them writing out — a thousand times —“I can manage time and money like an adult”. Or you could get off your butt and sort out your life. You know you want to. And it’s easier than it looks.


Mar 21 - April 19

A lavish dose of attention is what you’re after. Which is fine, as long as you’re contributing something from your side. Better watch yourself though or your self-absorption could blind you to the danger of driving the fans away. Remember, you’re the born leader here. Think about what leadership means to you and then everyone will get what they want. The planets are back on track so you’ll have help.


Apr 20 - May 21

Open the door to your creative side and let it fly. All your wonderful endeavours are about to be applauded. Which means, overnight, you could become the flavour of the next day. One thing, though: admirers may be falling over themselves to touch the hem of your toga. Try to remember that not all of them are sincere. Don’t give your power away to a fan club. The point here is to empower you.





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