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HOW TO PLAY Each of the clues eliminates two words from the list of 37. Find the words that match the clues, cross them off the list and you’ll be left with one word. You can confirm the accuracy of your answer next week. (a) Lassie, on high? (b) Two sports (c) For travelling time? (d) Two make farm figure (e) Secret drinking here? (f) Two linked with fruit (g) In fiery publications? (h) Two to wear (i) Not light entertainment! (j) Two synonyms (k) Doctors dance? (l) Two anagrams (m) Maggie on stage (n) Two going with card (o) Killed for it (p) Two suggesting tape (q) He’s unenthusiastic (r) Two joined with pillow 1. Wet 2. Hit 3. Dog 4. Bar 5. Lady 6. Crow 7. Hose 8. Golf 9. Book 10. Ball 11. Post 12. Worm 13. Star 14. Cases 15. Black 16. Crime 17. Clock 18. Juice 19. Scare 20. Strike 21. Fights 22. Comedy 23. Matches 24. Drawers 25. Passion 26. Leading 27. Blanket 28. Mustard 29. Private 30. Capital 31. Curling 32. Rewards 33. Medicine 34. Measures 35. Visiting 36. Carriage 37. Greatcoat