Use your job to become an entrepreneur



Arena Holdings PTY


● Many people dream of starting their own businesses but are not in a position to give up their permanent job. However, it is possible to use your job as a stepping stone to becoming an entrepreneur. “Keep your eyes open and treat a job as a learning experience. Aspiring entrepreneurs should not frown on the valuable skills one builds when they are in formal employment,” says Andiswa Bata, head of SME at FNB Commercial. She advises: ● Your experience as an employee and colleague will teach you people skills, which you need when you are an employer; ● Running your own businesses involves dull, repetitive work that has to be done. Working for a large organisation will give you a taste of this and help you to appreciate the importance of keeping your admin up to date; ● Most jobs involve working in a team, which is also true of entrepreneurs. As much as you might want to do everything on your own, you will need to assemble a team of experts to help you; and ● A full-time job is also a good source of money you can save towards your dream of starting your own business. — Margaret Harris