Real Idiot of the Winelands

Anita Lloyd



Arena Holdings PTY


The moment Anita Lloyd boasted that “my husband is the boss of KWV” she jinxed it. Or maybe it was her insightful comment that being poor is “bad sh*t”. “If I didn’t have any money, I’d jump from a building,” said the star of Die Real Housewives van die Wynlande. When she isn’t zipping into London for shopping, she lives it up in her and husband Boyce’s “f*cking next level” house. But now her boss husband is the ex-boss, or, as KWV put it, leaving his position in a “carefully orchestrated leadership transition”. Ag nee, Anita. Might your tone-deafness have had something to do with this? Well, that would be “bad sh*t”.